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Finely crafting Terrazzo + Stone in New Zealand for three generations



Andrew Giacon


Andrew Giacon is the latest generation of his family to work as a Terrazzo artisan in New Zealand - a unique legacy amongst New Zealand businesses he brings a vast wealth of expertise in the manufacture of Terrazzo. 


Iain Hobson

Sales + Marketing

Iain Hobson is a trained industrial designer and has worked in both the manufacturing and construction industries locally and internationally, most recently specialising in marketing and business development.



Jon Williams  

Natural Stone

A master stonemason with 20+ years experience installing and project managing some of New Zealand' s most prestigious installations such as the Auckland Art Gallery, Stamford Plaza, Centennial apartments and various work for SkyCity



About Us

Terrazzo + Stoneworks NZ Ltd have been finely crafting products for use in Commercial and Residential architecture and landscaping in New Zealand for three generations. Our mission is to provide specialist knowledge and capability so that our customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of exceptional quality Terrazzo + Stone for generations to come. We are committed to delivering innovative products unparalleled in elegance, durability and quality.

History of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is structural, environmentally sustainable, durable and versatile.

The age old art of making Terrazzo involves the skilled casting of marble, granite, quartz and other decorative aggregates into a cement suspension and then honing or grinding to expose the natural beauty of the raw materials. Terrazzo products are used extensively throughout the world in locations where its aesthetic and physical attributes have been recognized for many centuries and continue to be highly sought after. Terrazzo is highly regarded as an architectural product for its strength and durability and is often specified as flooring in high traffic areas within Commercial and Public buildings (Education facilities, Airports, Shopping malls etc). It’s versatility means that it can also be used for a mutltitude other applications such as stair treads & landings, interior and exterior cladding, benchtops, hearths, paving, outdoor furniture plus countless others.